The Best Music of 2015


Another year down, another list of tunes. There was a lot of good stuff out there, really a wide variety of awesomeness. Tell grandma that all music today isn’t bad, you just need to know where to look. Consider this your road map to jamtastic awesomeness from the fine year of 2015.



Tame Impala Show Review


Venue: Ogden Theatre

Location: Denver, Colorado

Date: 10/27/13

Inebriation Level: Sober (Doesn’t anyone around here work on Monday?!)

Allow me sum up the Tame Impala show in three short words: far…out…man.

The Psychedelic geniuses from Australia finally made their way to Denver and you better believe I wasn’t going to miss the show. After rocking Boulder on Saturday, they rolled into Denver on a Sunday, and a very tired music nerd and his special lady dragged themselves very uninspired-like to the Ogden Theatre (hey we’re old).

We got there too late to hear Austin’s White Denim open up the show, but were greeted by a sold-out packed house. We worked our way through the crowd to a halfway decent spot on the side of the stage, but I kept thinking, “Don’t any of you people work tomorrow?” Man, I really am an old man. Did I mention I had a strong desire to sit down during the show? Next step is yelling at the band to “turn that damn racket down!” Oh no, now I’m worried.


The Best Music of 2012


I tell you what Planet Earth, 2012 was a doozy for good tuneskies. If you had your ears glued to top 40 radio or entertainment headlines, you probably thought 2012 was pretty lame in the musical world. Fear not! I have scoured the globe for musical greatness, and provided the best of the year, attempting to be as unbiased as possible, because I care.


Show #6: Far Out, Man


Planet Earth. We meet again.

Today we rocked with a killer shut up and play series show. I’ve noticed that I have been a bit stuck in the past for the last five episodes. I decided it was time to venture into new tuneskies, from the past era of Psychedelic Rock into the modern era of, well, Psychedelic Rock.

Hopefully you’re aware of the great Psychedelic Rock movement back in the late sixties with such epic bands as The Jimi Hendrix Experience, The Beatles, The Doors, Love, 13 Floor Elevators, and yes, the list goes on. What you may not be aware of, is that the same Psychedelia genre is alive and well with new artists kicking out some great trippy and fuzzed out jams.