Show #45: The 27 Club


In honor of Nirvana’s In Utero hitting the 20 year mark, I spent the week focusing on the members of the 27 club. As I listed the top ten musicians that died at age 27, I thought it was prime time to jam to their tunes yesterday. So here you have in all its glory a collection of fine musicians that left us far too young. 



Top Ten Bands That Skipped Woodstock


Woodstock was epic. Fact. Some of the best bands of the 60’s came, saw, and conquered the sea of dancing hippies. Yet many music fans aren’t aware of all the bands that could have rocked Woodstock, but instead chose to skip or happened to miss out on the greatest rock festival of all time. Who are they and why did they skip out? Allow me to present my handy dandy list below, in order of potential awesomeness.


Show #28: Fireside


In honor of Ray Manzarek, today’s mixed brew playlist was bookmarked by two jams from The Doors that highlighted the organ player’s awesomeness. In honor of Jim Morrison, I skipped a brew and opted for some good Fireside sippin’ whiskey, though I didn’t get drunk and crazy like him. I basically just made the playlist and then went to bed. That’s what happens when you get old kids. Never grow up.


Jam of the Week: The Doors


Jam of the Week

Artist: The Doors

Album: The Doors

Genre: Psychedelic Rock

Date: 1967

Sound: Epic (It’s The Doors)