The Best Music of 2014


Well Planet Earth, I know I’m a little late, but it’s time to reflect on the awesomeness of last year in regards to rocking tuneskies. I can’t say it was the best year in recent memory, with a lot of highly anticipated releases not making the top list. Yet as always, if you dig deep enough, you’ll find some gems, so overall, 2014 definitely didn’t disappoint. Way to go year!

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Jam of the Week: White Lung

white lung

Artist: White Lung

Album: Deep Fantasy

Genre: Punk (Modern)

Date: 2014

Sound: An unrelenting 22 minute assault of fury

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Jam of the Week: J.J. Cale


Artist: J.J. Cale

Album: The Very Best of J.J. Cale

Genre: Singer-Songwriter

Date: 1997

Sound: Folk, Heartland, Country Rock, Blues, Ass-Kickin’

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Jam of the Week: Pink Floyd


Artist: Pink Floyd

Album: The Endless River

Genre: Art Rock (UK)

Date: 2014 (Sort Of)

Sound: Moody & Instrumental Awesomeness

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The Ultimate Guide to the Great American Beer Festival



Ah beer, the lifeblood of ‘Merica. So a review about a beer festival…on a music blog? You know I love beer around these parts. TRR even has a radio series called Mixed Brew where I crack a beer and see where the playlist goes from there. Beer and music go together like yin and yang. Potatoes and gravy. Simon and Garfunkel. Okay, I’ll stop.

Now if you love beer, the Mile High City is the place to be. They brag about their beer in California, in Oregon, in Michigan, and in Wisconsin, and I have to say, well done in those great states. But nowhere else can you find more breweries per capita or the largest beer festival in the country, The Great American Beer Festival.

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Jam of the Week: Godspeed You! Black Emperor


Artist: Godspeed You! Black Emperor

Album: Slow Riot for New Zerø Kanada EP

Genre: Post-Rock

Date: 1999 (Not to be confused with the Prince album)

Sound: Moody, Noisy, Trippy, Awesome

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Jam of the Week: Left Lane Cruiser


Artist: Left Lane Cruiser

Album: Slingshot

Genre: Blues Rock (Modern)

Date: 2014 (new, sorta)

Sound: Badass North Mississippi Blues

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RIP Johnny Winter


Well CNN just gave some pretty lame-ass news. The legendary Texas Blues guitarist Johnny Winter passed away at the young age of 70.

If you don’t know who Johnny Winter is, let me bring you up to speed. Dude…f**king…rips. I mean, you hear this guy play and you wonder what other guitarists are going to do for a living. There’s no damn competition. I’m talking about lightning-fast Texas style slide Blues guitar faster than you can even comprehend.

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The Budos Band Show Review


Venue: Bluebird Theater

Location: Denver, Colorado

Date: 07/09/14

Inebriation Level: Party Time

Sometimes you just have to get funky. That right there is a fact of life. Look no further than the eight-piece instrumental band from NYC that call themselves The Budos Band.

I’d originally caught wind of the band back in my college days where they regularly took down the house at the Bluebird in Bloomington, IN. When I heard they were rolling into Denver, CO and hitting up the Bluebird here, it was a no question “let’s party” situation.

I brought the special lady along and we got to the venue a bit after the opening band finished their set. The Bluebird is a nice sized venue, halfway between the small do-they-make-any-money places and large i-can’t-see-a-damn-thing venues. I was in complete party time mode and ready to jam my ass off. We pushed our way right up to the stage and I noticed the roadies not touching the equipment, but just lugging beers. PBR after PBR until they even brought out a damn suitcase of burrs. Now everyone was ready to get into party time mode.

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Jam of the Week: Led Zeppelin


Artist: Led Zeppelin

Album: I (Deluxe Edition, Remastered)

Genre: Arena Rock

Date: 2014 (new, sorta)

Sound: F**king Led Zeppelin!

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